Math 214
Linear Systems
Spring 2008


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Math 214: Linear Systems (Spring 2008)

This front page of the course website will serve as an unofficial blog / course announcements page. You can access important course information using the navigation bar above. Most course documents that I hand out are accessible in the Course Schedule. My unofficial lecture notes/commentaries are available in the Notes section of the website.

Thursday May 8
The solutions to the Spring 2008 Final Exam are now available.
Thursday May 1
The FINAL EXAM REVIEW session will be Mon May 5th 2-4pm in Fowler 301.
Tuesday April 29
The powerpoint files for all the Group Project presentations are now available online.
Monday April 28
HW27  (Section 7.3) will be extra credit.
The solutions to the Spring 2006 Math 214 Final Exam and the exam itself are available online.
Friday April 25
HW26  (Section 5.4) is due Monday.
All of the evaluation forms for the Course project are also available online. One Extra Credit point is awarded for each one that you fill out; The self/group evaluation is mandatory.
The Practice Final Exam is the Spring 2007 Final Exam. Solutions are available. The Final Exam is Tuesday May 6th 1-4pm.
Thursday April 24
All clicker solutions have been added to the website.
Wednesday April 23
HW 26 is not due until Monday April 28th.
Monday April 21
Buckmire's Deal has been announced: It is that whatever GRADE you get on the FINAL exam if it is higher than what you got on either of the in-class semester exams, the final exam grade replaces the LOWER of those two scores. So, a C on Exam 1 and a D on Exam 2 with an B on the Final would become a C on Exam 1 and a B on Exam 2.
A lower grade on the final has no impact on your previous exams, but the Final is 20% of your Course Grade. Sometimes I replace BOTH Exams with your in-class exams, but you have to petition for it.
Exams are graded! Individual scores are available on Blackboard. Solutions are available here. The Exam 2 Report is also available.
Friday April 18
Project Presentations starts Monday April 21. The first draft of your written project presentations are due in class on Monday.
The Final Exam is Tuesday May 6th. It will contain multiple choice questions and "what is the definition of" questions.
Thursday April 17
Solutions to the Spring 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007 and Fall 2007 exams are available. Solutions to all quizzes and HW's are also available also.
Wednesday April 16
There is an Exam 2 Review Session scheduled for Thursday April 17th 4-6pm in Fowler 110.
Monday April 14
 The first draft of your Group Project written presentation is due Monday April 21. Final versions are due April 30th.
 HW24 and HW25 are both due Wednesday.
 Solutions to the Fall 2007 and Fall 2006 Second Midterm Exams are now available.
Friday April 11
 Solutions to the Spring 2007 and Spring 2006  Second Midterm Exams are now available.
EXAM 2 is next Friday April 18th.
Quiz 9 and BONUS Quiz 7 are now available (with hints!)
Thursday April 10
The Project Presentation schedule is now complete. There will be no presentations on Wednesday April 30th (party!)
HW23 is due Friday April 11 in class.
Tuesday April 8
There is an Exam 2 Review Session scheduled for Thursday April 17th 4-6pm in Fowler 110.
I have updated the Resources section to add the Content Goals for Chapter 5 (Sections 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4).
Monday April 7
The Project Presentation Schedule is available online.
A first draft of your written presentation of your Course Project is due Monday April 21st..
I have begun modifying Clicker Powerpoint files so that they also include the answers to the questions (with explanations). I will endeavor to have all of the clicker files from 16-25 completed before Exam 2, since those are the topics that will be on the second mid-term.
Friday April 4
Quiz 8 and BONUS Quiz 6 are now available online.
HW22 (Section 4.4: Diagonalization and Similarity) will be due Wed April 9 at the beginning of class.
Thursday April 3
Some practice exams: the Fall 2006 (McDonald) Exam 3, Fall 2007 (Naimi) Exam 3, or Spring 2006 (Buckmire) Exam 2 and Spring 2007 (Buckmire) Exam 2.
Wednesday April 2
No homework due on Friday! Work on your Course Project. Please note that Project Check-ins begin Friday April 4-Friday April 11. An outline of your presentation would be helpful to bring with you. All project members need to be present for a short interview with me about the status of your project and the date at which your presentation will be given is agreed to at that meeting.
Matlab Commands we learned today:

rref(A) : find reduced row echelon form of A
null(A): finds a basis for the null space of a matrix A (solution set of  Ax=0)
eig(A): returns the eigenvalues of  a matrix A
poly(A): find the characteristic polynomial of a matrix A in the form with the coefficients of the polynomial decreasing in order from right to left
A': find the transpose of a matrix
A^n: raises A to the n^th power, i.e. A multiplied by itself n times.
[A b]: If A is a mxn matrix and b is a mx1 vector this command produces the augmented coefficient matrix of the linear system Ax=b
[3;1]: is a 2x1 column vector; [3 1] is a 1x2 row vector.
[S,D]=eig(A): returns into S the columns of which are the normalized eigenvectors of A, and D is a diagonal matrix with the eigenvalues along the diagonal
inv(A): find the inverse of matrix A

Monday March 31
No homework due on Wednesday! Work on your Course Project.
Friday March 28
Quiz 7 and BONUS Quiz 5 are now available (with hints!)
HW21 (Section 4.3) will be due at 6pm on Monday. Quiz 7 and BONUS Quiz 5 are now available (with hints!)
Wednesday March 26
HW20 (Section 4.2) will be due at 6pm on Friday.
Monday March 24
HW 19 will not be due until 5pm on Wed Mar 26. There will be an in-class Group Quiz on Wednesday on the associated subspaces of a matrix.
Friday March 21
I have updated the course website, particular the Notes and Schedule sections.
Thursday March 20
There will be no (individual) quiz this week, instead HW 17 and HW 18 will be due in class on Monday.
Please note that Senior Math Major Comps Talks are 4:30-6pm in Fowler 302 for the next four Thursdays starting today. You can obtain Quiz Bonus Points by attending and handing in 1 page reflections by the Wednesday of the following week.
Wednesday March 19
Buckmire is back! HW 16 is due a 5pm today.
Friday March 7
BONUS QUIZ 4 and QUIZ 6 are now available online. These are due on Monday March 17 to Professor Naimi. HW 16 will be due at 5pm on WED MAR 19. HW #17 will be due in class on Wed Mar 19. HW #18 will most likely change.
Wednesday March 5
The members of the project groups along with their project titles are available.
Tuesday March 4
The due date for your Project Proposals has been moved to Friday March 21.
Monday March 3
Exam 1 has been graded. Solutions are available. As is the Exam Report (with the Grading Curve).
Friday February 27
During the weekend the Exam 1 Report should become available.
Thursday February 27
EXAM #1 is at 9:30am on Friday. NO CALCULATORS. NO NOTES. NO BOOK.
Monday's class features a lecture by David Poole, author of our book. You can get the equivalent of 1 Quiz worth of extra credit for writing up a one page reflection on his presentation. He is also giving a public talk at 12:30pm in Fowler 309 on "The Tower of Hanoi" problem.
Wednesday February 27
Today's Exam Review session will be a 5-7pm in Fowler 307.
Graded version of HW 11, HW 12, Quiz 5 and BONUS Quiz 3  are available outside my door. In addition, Clicker Questions 12 are outside my door as well. The solutions of all quizzes and HW are available on those webpages.
Monday February 25
There will be two Exam Review sessions: Wednesday 5-7pm in Fowler 307 and Thursday 4-6pm in Fowler 301
HW 14 (Section 3.4) will be due on Friday. There is no HW due on Wednesday.
Solutions to Spring 2006 and Spring 2007 exams are available online.
Friday February 22
Quiz 5 and BONUS QUIZ 3 are available online now.
Wednesday February 20
HW #12 and HW #13 will be due on Monday at 5pm.Project Abstracts are due in class on Friday February 20.
Please VOTE BY EMAIL for which time you would like an Exam 1 Review Session: WED 2/27 5-7pm or THU 2/28 4-6pm.
Tuesday February 19
HW #10 is due tomorrow. Only HW #11 will be due on Friday.
Friday February 15
There is ONE WEEK until your Group Project abstracts are due. It is two weeks until Exam 1. I have made three practice exams available in the Exams section.
Solutions to all previous quizzes are now available online. Instead of a BONUS quiz this weekend there will be an in-class Group Quiz some time next week. HW #10 (corrected!) is now due on Wed. Extra Quiz 4 are available outside my door.
Thursday February 14
HW10 will be due on Wednesday February 20. Quiz 4 will also be due on that day. HW8 is still due tomorrow.
Monday February 11
HW8 will be due on Friday. HW 9 is bonus (bolded problems) and will be due on Wednesday.
Friday February 8
Quiz 3 has been distributed and BONUS Quiz 2 is available online. HW 7 is due in class on Monday.
The Project Information page has been updated with Grading Rubrics for the written and oral components of the Course Project as well as deadlines.
Wednesday February 6
HW 7 will be due on Monday February 11.
Monday February 4
HW 6 is still due at 9:30am on Wednesday. HW 5 is due today at 5pm.
The date has been set for the guest lecture by the author of our textbook: David Poole will be in class on Monday March 3rd (the day after the first exam). You will get extra credit (Quiz Points) for attending his talk and then writing up a 1-page reflection on the experience.
Friday January 30
Quiz 2 and  Bonus Quiz 1 are now available online. In addition, if you want to hand-in Poole, page 56, #9; Poole page 56, #43 and Poole Page 43, #37 for EXTRA CREDIT HW points you may do so on Monday with HW #5.
Wednesday January 30
There's a quiz on Friday. Probably take-home.
Monday January 28
HW #3 is still due on Wednesday. It is questions about Section 1.2 and projections and dot products.
Every student who has an AIM account has given me their screen name and they are available on the Students page.
Friday January 25
Quiz 1 was distributed in class today. It is due on Monday, in class. Staple any EXTRA sheets to the page. SHOW ALL WORK and carefully explain your answers. There's a hint on the Quizzes page.
Blackboard course has been set up and all students enrolled. You can track your grade progress there.
Wednesday January 23
NOTE: Although we didn't completely finish Worksheet #1, HW#1 (and HW #0) are still due on Friday.
HW #0 (Automathography) was assigned in class. Due by email to ron <at> oxy <dot> edu> by 9:29am Fri Jan 25.

Automathography. How does your biography intersect with your current mathematical knowledge and interest? That is, how does what courses you have taken previously influence how you view mathematics now? This should not just be a laundry list of courses you have taken but a reflection on your view of mathematics through the prism of your individualized experience. Limit is 250-400 words. Please spell-check and proofread your writing!

Also include your AIM screenname  and your preferred Nickname or what you like to be called in class.


Tuesday January 22
The final exam is set for Tuesday May 6 1-4pm in Fowler 309.


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