Math 105 Mathematics as a Liberal Art Spring 2024

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The first of 3 project presentation days is today. Here are the links for the evaluations of Day 1 (Wed 4/24), Day 2 (Fri 4/26) and Day 3 (Mon 4/29)
HW Set #4 and POTD #14 are due today! POTD #15 is due on Wednesday!
This is a cool (sorta long) video that explains tesselations and the existence of the einstein, the aperiodic monotile discovered/created in 2022! Here's a shorter one you might watch instead. If you want to make your own tesselations here are some files to use: monohedral tilings, hexagonal tilings, triangular tilings, rhomboid tilings.
Class is cancelled next Wednesday April 17 and Friday April 19. Work on your Project Presentations which will start on Wednesday April 24. Also HW Set #4 will be due Monday April 22.
Here are some examples of some cool friezes: emojis, figures and characters. (courtesy Dave Richeson of Dickinson College); Here's a video about the seven Frieze groups and aTedED video about symmetry.
Make your own Platonic Solids (by printing out this document)! Cool Numberphile video on Platonic Solids and another one featuring my friend Jayadev Athreya (first 2 minutes).
Paper extension/addition. Email a 1-page document with a title and 100-200 word summary of your paper by Friday April 5 5pm.

Also note: There is no class on Monday April 8! The full 5 page draft of your paper is now due Wednesday April 10 by 5pm PT.
Here are the videos we are going to watch today about infinity: "Comparing Infinite Sets," "A Hierarchy of Infinities," and "Infinity is Bigger Than You Think."

Recall: HW Set #3is due at 5pm on Wednesday April 3.
Midterm Exam #1 is graded! HW Set #2 is due at 5pm on Wednesday March 20
Midterm Exam will be distributed by 3pm on Wednesday Mar 6 and due 4pm on Friday March 8.

Homework Set #2 is now available and will be due in class on Wednesday March 20. (The questions on HW set are similar to what will be on the Midterm!)
Watch a math-related movie and answer the following questions in a short (300-500 word) written response: 
What made you consider this movie a "math-related movie"? How was mathematics (or people who do mathematics) portrayed in the film? Did the presence of mathematics enhance or detract from your enjoyment? Send the document by email as a na attachment before Friday's class.

Send There's another extra credit opportunity: A Bonus Problem of the Day on Base 7 Arithmetic (Due in class on Friday).
HW #1 due date changed to Wednesday Feb 14 5pm. POTD #3 Due Mon Feb 12 in class. No class Friday Feb 16.
Buckmire is out of town. Work on HW Set #1 in groups! HW Set #1 is due next Mon Feb 12.

Please fil out this Google form before class on Wednesday Febaruary 7!
  1. Sign the Shared Academic Integrity Commitment on Moodle
  2. Complete POTD #1: Poison  (handed out on grey paper today)
  3. Read Eves (Pythagorean Arithmetic, 4 pp)
  4. Hand in your  the Automathography assignment  on Moodle by today11:59pm
  5. Make an appointment to see me sometime next week by clicking on my Calendar Appointment page
You can Submit Part 1 of the Automathography assignment by 5pm PT January 26 2024.
You can find the  Introductory Survey form here. Submit before today's class  (Wednesday January 24).
In Class 2 we will be discussing "What is Mathematics?" You should definitely read Prof. Keith Devlin's Prologue. Reading Prof. Don Allen's "The Origin Of Mathematics" may bring up some ideas as well. (This second reading is optional.)
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