Math 105 Mathematics as a Liberal Art Spring 2024

Prof.  Buckmire




POTD Homework


Exam Automathography









The automathography assignment is available here. It is worth 20% of your final course grade.

Note the grading rubric gor the assignment is below

1       Rubric

This project will be graded in three parts and the cumulative sum of the parts will make up the grade for the project..


Part 1: Introduction - 100 points

It is critical that your automathography gives me a sense of YOUR relationship with mathematics. A key component of this portion of the project is your ability to communicate this to me through your chosen medium.

   20 pts: Your description of what you think mathematics is;

   20 pts: Your initial reaction to mention of “mathematics”;

   20 pts: Your key memories of mathematics; and

   20 pts: What you hope to get out of this course.

   20 pts: Meetings with professor

Part 2: Collaboration - 50 points

Story arcs happen throughout a text, and this is your chance to talk about the arc where two characters in the story (you and me!) have the opportunity to work together.

   20 pts: Relation between this course and your experience/relationship with mathematics;

   15 pts: Portrayal of three skills or ideas; and

   15 pts: Discussion of three suggestions for success.

Part 3: Reflection - 50 points

This final part of your automathography should connect you and your experience to the course. Every character in a book (you!) learns something along the way, and this is your opportunity to share that, again in a medium that relates to the previous parts.

   30 pts: Connection between your experience in the class and the semester;

   20 pts: Portrayal of four discoveries or realizations (i.e. “takeaways”) from the class;