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Math 214: Linear Systems (Spring 2006)

This front page of the course website will serve as an unofficial blog / course announcements page. You can access important course information using the navigation bar above. Most course documents that I hand out are accessible in the Course Schedule.

Sunday May 7

The provisional grades are now available on Blackboard. If you have an A or A- you do not have to take the final. if you don't then you do have to take the final exam.

Monday May 1

Reminder: no class on "Monday" May 4!

The final exam review session is Tuesday May 9 from 4-6pm in Fowler 301. The Final Exam is 8:30-11:30am Wed May 10 in Fowler 307.

Friday April 28

The schedule for project presentations is now available online.

Please email me your powerpoint files so I can make them available online in an archive for future perusal by Math 214 students!

Please note: Project Papers are due Wednesday May 3, 5pm.

Thursday April 27

Benedict Freedman Prize for Mathematical Promise talks given in Salsbury-Young room of Johnson Student Center from 530-630pm. Pi Mu Epsilon induction ceremony from 430-530pm today. Free food!

Monday April 24

Solutions to Exam 2 are now available. The exam report (with curve) is also available. There will not be "take-home" retake option.

Wednesday April 19

Friday April 21 is Exam 2. The exam is closed book, closed notes. There will be a review session in Fowler 307 from 430-6pm on Thursday April 20.

Solutions to Exam 2 from Spring 2005 are now available.

Saturday April 15

Monday April 17 is the last day for appointments with Prof. Buckmire regarding the Project Progress Reports.

Tuesday April 11

HW25 (Section 5.2) and HW 26 (Section 5.3) are now due Monday April 17.

Friday April 7
Quiz 9 and BONUS Quiz 9 have been released..

Don't forget the Project Groups should set up appointments to meet with me between  Monday April 10 and Mon April 17.

Wednesday April 5
Jon Beck and Brad Ross and Sally Tracy and James Sabo have agreed to give their Project Presentations on Friday April 28.

HW due dates have been updated.

Monday April 3
HW23 has been postponed until Friday April 7. There is no class on Friday April 14.
Friday March 31
Quiz 8 and BONUS Quiz 8 have been released.
Thursday March 30
Updated Homework deadlines to reflect reality.
Friday March 24
Quiz 7 and BONUS Quiz 7 have been released.
Wednesday March 22
The Report on Exam 1 is now available online. The Project Proposals are due on Friday March 24. Come see me with questions about directed graphs (from Worksheet 19) or to try and improve your Exam 1 score.

Some interesting thoughts on the meaning of eigen.

Monday March 20
Buckmire is out of town until Wednesday March 22
Wednesday March 8
HW #17 is postponed until Monday March 20.
Monday March 6
Updated AIM buddylist. Note your Project Proposals are due Friday March 24.
Friday March 3
Exam 1 is today. No notes, no text, no calculator.
Thursday March 2
Exam 1 Review session will be  Thursday 4:30-6pm in Fowler 307.
Monday February 27
Group Project membership with tentative titles was posted online. Check yours and email me if you want your title changed.
Saturday February 25
BONUS OPPORTUNITIES: Attendance at one of the Assistant Professor Candidate Talks on March 1, March 3, March 6 or March 8 12:30-1:30pm.
Friday February 24
Hints for Quiz 5 and BONUS Quiz 5 are now up. Also, solutions to all previous quizzes are now available by selecting the Quiz # on the Quiz page.
Thursday February 23
Reminder: Exam #1 is Friday March 3.
Wednesday February 15
Project Ideas with lists of Group Members and an Abstract are due on Friday. If you do not have a project partner yet, e-mail me.
Friday February 10
HW #8 Due today. Quiz #3 and Bonus Quiz 3 are now accessible on the Quiz page. Hints also available online. Don't forget to staple any loose sheets together.

Course Project Information Sheet now available online.

Saturday February 4
Blackboard discussion boards are now available, along with Student Grade books. Login at
Friday February 3
HW #5 Due today. Quiz #2 and Bonus Quiz 2 are now accessible. Hints available online.
Friday January 27
HW #2 Due today. Quiz #1 and Bonus Quiz are now accessible on the Quiz page. Hints also available online.
Friday January 27
HW #2 Due today. Quiz #1 and Bonus Quiz are now accessible on the Quiz page. Hints also available online.
Thursday January 25
AIM buddylist updated on Students page.
Wednesday January 25
HW #0 and HW #1 Due today.
Monday January 23
Corrections made to syllabus. Term Project information added. Exam 1 moved to Friday March 3 and Final Exam clarified to be  Wednesday May 10 8:30-11:30am.

HW #0 was assigned in class. Due by email to ron <at> oxy <dot> edu> by 2:30pm Wed Jan 25.

1) What You Prefer To Be Called (Sobriquet)
2) Preferred email address
3) AIM screen name
4) Automathography. How does your biography intersect with your current mathematical knowledge and interest? That is, detail what courses you have taken previously and your previous experiences with mathematics. Limit is about a paragraph.



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