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Bessie Beatty

Bessie Beatty Home

Bessie Beatty at Oxy

American Girl in Russia

Foreign Correspondent

Screenwriter, Activist, and Radio Host


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Bessie Beatty


I would like to thank Special Collections librarian Dale Stieber for her help in the creation of this exhibit and guidance throughout my time working in Special Collections. Nick Velkavrh was instrumental in the creation of the website and archivist Jean Paule helped me access materials. Sarah Hunt and other Special Collections staff also helped me scan photos and files. The extensive Bessie Beatty collection was assembled by Professor Norman Cohen. Thank you also to Hoda Abdelghani for helping me find the Bulletin and other materials through Interlibrary Loan. I am very thankful for the opportunity provided by the Mellon Librarian Recruitment Internship that made it possible for me to complete this project.

There is a finding aid for this exhibit available in Special Collections for further research.


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