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Bessie Beatty

Occidental College Student and Young Journalist

Bessie Beatty, a Southern California native, matriculated at Occidental College in 1903. She wrote for the Aurora and the Occidental, predecessors of the modern Weekly. She also participated in the Witenagemot Literary, a popular student organization at the time. As a sophomore, she was elected vice president of her class. She was already involved in journalism beyond Occidental as a reporter for the Los Angeles Herald. She never completed her senior year; instead she spent the time in Nevada reporting on a miners’ strike for the Herald, after which she wrote the book, Who’s Who in Nevada.

Occidental College's Highland Park Campus, where Beatty spent her days

Beatty was a member of the Witenagemot Literary, pictured here in 1903

Who's Who in Nevada



Beatty’s work in Nevada drew the attention of San Francisco Bulletin editor Fremont Older. There she had her own column, “On the Margin.” She covered women’s issues and promoted various causes, including raising money for children in need to go to summer camps and helping prostitutes find new jobs. In 1917 she convinced Older to allow her to cover the Russian Revolution as a foreign correspondent, detailing the happenings after the removal of the monarchy in her new column, “Around the World in Wartime.”


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