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Bessie Beatty

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American Girl in Russia

Foreign Correspondent

Screenwriter, Activist, and Radio Host


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Bessie Beatty

Foreign Correspondent and Freelance Journalist


Back in the United States, Beatty did not return to her job at the San Francisco Bulletin, but rather elected to stay in New York City, finishing The Red Heart of Russia and working as editor of McCall’s magazine. In 1919 she defended the Bolshevist Revolution before the Senate Overman’s Committee. She continued to travel around the world, reporting back about everything from politics and women’s rights to travel destinations. Her articles appeared in Good Housekeeping, The New Republic, Women’s Home Journal, Century, and Asia. She traveled to England, Turkey, and France, among other places. She returned to Russia in 1921 and wrote a series of articles after interviewing the revolutionary leaders Georgy Chicherin, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Mikhail Kalinin, and the first lady of the Soviet Union, Ekaterina Ivanova. 

Bessie Beatty in a sled with the first lady of Russia, Ekaterina Ivanova

Permit for Bessie Beatty to enter Russia

An article by Bessie Beatty after interviewing Lenin

Beatty with formal head of state Mikhail Kalinin in the Moscow public square




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