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Bessie Beatty

Later Life: Screenwriter, Activist, and Radio Host

In 1926, Beatty married British actor William Sauter. The two spent some time back in Los Angeles, where Beatty wrote for MGM Studios and co-wrote a play, Jamboree, which appeared on Broadway in 1932. Never abandoning her activist nature, she became director of the National Label Council to promote union-made goods. In the late 1930s she became the American Secretary of the International P.E.N. Club, a writer’s organization. In 1940, her radio career took off as she began to host a show on W.O.R. New York. By 1942, her show was the most popular women’s show on air in the country. She continued her radio work until her death in 1947.  

Beatty and husband William Sauter

Sauter and Beatty collect for a drive

Eleanor Roosevelt appears on Bessie Beatty's WOR show, 1945

Eleanor Roosevelt and Bessie Beatty collect cans for a food drive, 1945

Bessie Beatty promoting union-made goods with the National Label Council

Bessie Beatty at the Shakespeare Festival, 1942




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