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Math 214: Linear Systems (Spring 2007)

This front page of the course website will serve as an unofficial blog / course announcements page. You can access important course information using the navigation bar above. Most course documents that I hand out are accessible in the Course Schedule. My unofficial lecture notes/commentaries are available in the Notes section of the website.

Friday May 11
The solutions to the Spring 2006 Math 214 Final Exam and the exam itself are available online.
Monday May 7
Final Exam will be Monday May 14 8:30-11:30am in Fowler 110. Provisional grades will be ready by 5pm today, on blackboard.

Provisional Grades are available on now (330pm).

All handouts and/or computer files from the Math 214 oral presentations are available online now.

Monday April 30
Oral Presentations today: Chris and Jessica, Alex and Eric and Ian and Nick.

Wednesday: Ashley, Kevin and Marcus, Mo and Daniel and David and Eric.

Wednesday April 25
Concept Maps (and all materials that are to be graded for the provisional grade) must be submitted by Wed May 2. Provisional Grades will be available on Blackboard on Mon May 7. Students who have an A or A- will be exempt from taking the final exam. If you do take the final exam (and score higher), it can replace the grade on your lowest in-class exam.
Monday April 23
The Exam Report and curve for the Spring 2007 Exam 2 are now available.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Buckmire is out of town Thursday April 26 and Friday April 27. Extra Credit Opportunity (Groups): If you submit a complete concept map (on the pick sheet) you can get the equivalent of 2 quizzes of Extra Credit.

Schedule for Project Presentations is now up.

Thursday April 19
Links to the Spring 2005 Exam 2 and Spring 2006 Exam 2 solutions are now available online.
Wednesday April 18
You can take a look at some of the Concept Maps I have completed during my sabbatical: Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors,
Determinants, Linear Independence, Dimension, Span & Basis and Matrix Vector Spaces.
Tuesday April 17
EXAM 2 is Friday April 20. There will be a review session in Fowler 307 5-7pm as well as in-class review session Wed April 18 230-330pm. Please note you should know the definitions of every term (in sentence form as well as mathematically) that we have looked at since the last exam. In addition, you should be comfortable with either proving a statement is true or providing a counter example to show why the statement is false.
Monday April 16
HW 28 will be due Wednesday April 17. Quiz 10 and BONUS Quiz 8 are due today
Monday April 9
HW 25 will now be due Wed Apr 11. HW 26 and 27 will be due Fri Apr 13. Exam 2 is Fri Apr 20.

Progress meetings should be set up and occur sometime this week before Friday April 13th.

Friday April 6
Quiz 9 and BONUS Quiz 7 are available.

NOTICE: HW 23 (Section 4.5) will now be EXTRA CREDIT and is due on Mon Apr 9. HW 25 (Section 5.2) is also due on Monday.

Tuesday April 3
I have modified Professor McDonald's Content Goals for Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 (5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4) made them available.
Monday April 2
HW 22 will now be due on Monday April 9.
Friday March 30
Quiz 8 and Bonus Quiz 6 are available online (with hints!)
Wednesday March 28
EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: Attend Professor Sundberg Friday noon time seminar this week and write up a reflection. This week's event is about Latin rectangles and Latin squares (involves matrices and graph theory).
Friday March 23
HW18 and HW19 and Quiz 7 due in class on Monday.
Thursday March 21
No bonus quiz this week, go to the Senior Comps talks today and write-up your reflections for Extra Credit!
Wednesday March 21
EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: Attend Senior Comps Presentations (Thursday March 22nd 430-6pm in Fowler 112) and write-up a reflection on two (30-min each) talks due by electronic mail (or hardcopy) by Thursday March 29th

HW18 postponed until Monday March 26th..

Tuesday March 20
Note that Term Project proposals are due on Fri March 23. HW17 is still due Wed Mar 21.
Friday March 9
Quiz 6 and BONUS Quiz 5 area available online and due in class on the 19th. Enjoy your Break!
Wednesday March 5
HW 16 previously due FRI MAR 9 now due MON MAR 19. Note that Term Project proposals are due on Fri March 23
Monday March 5
Exam 1 Returned. Exam 1 Self-Assessment form due Wednesday. Exam 1 Solutions and Exam 1 Report are due.
Wednesday February 28
Deadline for write-ups of "Crazy Nature and Mathematics" for Extra Credit are due Thursday at 5pm. (email attachments are fine.)
Friday February 23
Project Groups and Titles added to the Projects page. Bonus Quiz 4 now available. EXAM 1 is next Friday. Exam 1 Review Session will be Thursday 5-7pm in the Math Student Lounge.
Tuesday February 20
Extra Credit Opportunity: Attend mathematics talk on Thursday February 22 4:30pm entitled "Crazy Nature and Mathematics" and then write and submit a type-written 1-page reflection and submit within 7 days of the talk
Friday February 14
No class on Monday due to observation of President's Day holiday. BONUS Quiz 3 and Quiz 4 available online
Wednesday February 14
REMINDER: Exam 1 is two weeks from this Friday: Friday March 2
Monday February 12
Project Abstracts are due this Friday!
Friday February 9
Bonus Quiz 2 and Quiz 3 are both available online, along with helpful hints.

HW #8 (Section 2.4) might be a stretch, but one should still attempt to hand in on Monday.

Monday February 5
Hallelujah! We have a grader for the course now. HW #1 through #4 are returned.

Updated the Lecture Notes section of the website.

Friday February 2
Bonus Quiz 1 and Quiz 2 are both available, along with helpful hints.
Wednesday January 31
Blackboard site now available. Check out your grades by logging into
Monday January 29
HW#4 postponed until Friday. If you try it early and hand in on Wednesday, counts as Extra Credit. Read the worksheet and attempt to do all the exercises and examples on it before Wednesday's class.
Friday January 26
Project Information updated. Hint on Quiz 1 added..
Wednesday January 24
Photocopies of Section 1.1 and 1.2 will be made available in class today. HW 0 is due. HW #1 and HW #2 due will be due on Friday.
Tuesday January 23
Found out the textbooks will arrive at the bookstore on Thursday January 25
Monday January 22
HW #0 (Automathography) was assigned in class. Due by email to ron <at> oxy <dot> edu> by 2:30pm Wed Jan 25.

Automathography. How does your biography intersect with your current mathematical knowledge and interest? That is, how does what courses you have taken previously influence how you view mathematics now? This should not just be a laundry list of courses you have taken but a reflection on your view of mathematics through the prism of your individualized experience. Limit is 250-400 words. Word-processed, not hand written.

HW #1 postponed until further notice.

Student Class list updated with AIM information.


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