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Who is Ernesto Galarza?

Ernesto Galarza

Ernesto Galarza was born on August 15, 1905 in Jalcocotan, Nayrit, Mexico. As a result of political turmoil, Galarza and his family were forced to immigrate to the United States in 1911. Galarza attended Occidental college in 1924 and earned his PhD from Columbia University in 1947.

Galarza was a social activist and he spent his time advocating for the rights of agricultural workers. He helped organize numerous worker strikes. In 1964, he published his book Merchants of Labor: The Bracero Story. This expose helped end the Bracero Program. His work in education was also notable. Galarza authored many works and founded schools. He gave lectures around the country and worked on the House US Commissions on Education and Labor.

 For his actions, Ernesto Galarza received several awards including Occidental's Alumni Seal. A room in the Occidental College Library was dedicated to Galarza in 1987; three years after he passed away. The room is on the second floor next to the Ahmanson Room, and also contains a permanent exhibit.

          Galarza Room, Occidental College Library

The Ernesto Galarza Room



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