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Special thanks to Mr. Lindsay Jeffers and Jeffers Literary Properties for permission to display Jeffers' poetry and/or excerpts.  For inquiries concerning publication rights contact  Ariane de Pree, Contract & Rights Manager, Stanford University Press, 1450 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304-1124.

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       Jeffers Organizations

Robinson Jeffers Tor House Foundation - An organization dedicated to preserving the cultural legacy of Jeffers and his poetry. The Tor House Foundation annually hosts the popular Robinson Jeffers festival, a yearly pilgrimage for Jeffers fans and experts. Some pictures from Special Collections librarian Michael Sutherland's festival trip in 1994.


    Jeffers Studies- This extremely active group of Jeffers scholars publishes a journal of academic work on Jeffers twice a year http://www.jeffers.org/

American Poetry Websites with Jeffers Pages

        Section Home The Academy of American Poets- A biography of the poet with a few poems

        blacktitle.jpg (12329
                      bytes)  Modern American Poetry Page- A good resource for scholarly works by and about Jeffers

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