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The "Chandos" portrait
                of William Shakespeare, attributed to John Taylor, and
                part of National Portrait Gallery in LondonThe
                "Chandos" portrait of William Shakespeare,
                attributed to John Taylor, and part of National Portrait
                Gallery in London


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Banned Books: Shakespeare Censored!

An online exhibition of the works of William Shakespeare that have been censored, challenged, and banned around the world.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

I would like to begin by thanking the Occidental College Librarians who helped guide me along the way with this exhibit from its inception to its final layout, including, but not limited to, Dale Stieber, Marsha Schnirring, and Marla Peppers. I would also like to thank Special Collections Student Assistant Stephanie Tardif for helping with the layout and the other grunt work involved with building an exhibition. Additionally, I want to thank the Mellon Librarian Recruitment Program for the opportunities it has given me to explore the profession of librarianship.

The American Library Association's Banned Books Week website proved to be an invaluable resource for putting together this website and learning about banned and challenged books. The questions for my Banned Books Week FAQ are based in part on the ALA's Banned Books Week page. The website of Banned Books, an independent online bookstore, was also an excellent source for my research.

An extensive list of resources I explored while designing this exhibition can be found at the Additional Resources page of this site.

Credit is also due to Mellon Summer 2004 Library Intern Aleks Sedzielarz ('06). The idea and the basic design of this page is based in part on an online exhibit he created around Oxy's Poet Alumus Robertson Jeffers. His website is well designed and a fascinating "virtual gallery" to Jeffers' work.



" Art made tongue-tied by authority. "

-William Shakespeare, Sonnet 66

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