Some Southern California High Schools on Alternative Schedules:
High School Type of schedule 1999 API results
Score Decile (10=highest) Rank within district
South Pasadena Traditional 790 10 Only HS
La Canada 2-day AB 858 10 Only HS
Poway 2-day AB 743 9 3rd of 3
University (Irvine) 2-day AB 836 10 1st of 3
Walnut 2-day AB 768 9 2nd of 2
Century 4-day AB 487 2 2nd of 4
Downey 4-day AB 585 4 2nd of 2
Manual Arts 4-day AB 414 1 In LAUSD
San Clemente 4-day AB 737 9 3rd of 4
Westminster 4-day AB 544 3 6th of 6
*John Glenn AB 471 1 3rd of 3
*South El Monte AB 470 1 3rd of 5
*San Marcos (Santa Barbara) 4x4 block 707 8 2nd of 3
    (1) The * denotes the 3 high schools interviewed by the Alternative Scheduling Committee. Notice that all of them have adopted the most radical of the available alternative scheduling options.
    (2) The 2 high schools with AB schedules that were interviewed by SPHS were both on full-time AB schedules similar to what SPHS is poised to adopt this Fall. Both ranked in the State's bottom 10% in terms of academic performance and both were in multi-school open-enrollment districts where parents and students can choose a high school with the schedule they prefer.
    (3) The Alternative Scheduling Committee did not interview any of the four high schools listed here that are on less radical 2-day AB schedules and that are all ranked in the top 20% of California public high schools in terms of academic performance.