Online aids: Calculators and simulators

    Java applications require Netscape 4.5 (or above) or Internet Explorer 4.0 (or above). If the applications fail to run, you may need to download the Java virtual machine.
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Calculators and simulators:
I. Market fundamentals
   Illustrating consumer demand (Excel)
   Arc elasticity calculator (Excel)
   Point elasticity: calculating and illustrating (Excel)
II. Consumer theory
   Budget line calculator (Excel)
   Indifference curves and the marginal rate of substitution:
   Calculations and illustrations (Excel)
   Quick calculator (Excel)
   The consumer optimum:
   Comparing optimal and nonoptimal consumption bundles (Excel)
   Calculating and illustrating a consumer optimum (Excel)
   Quick calculator (Excel)
   Exploring the consumer's optimum (Java) (price and income changes, substitution and income effects, etc.)
   The Edgeworth box for exchange (Java)
      Lottery (Visual Basic)