Term Papers (Spring 1996)

Here is a list of the topics students who are in my Complex Analysis course Spring 1996 wrote papers on.

Name E-mail
Esau BERUMEN Complex Form of the Fourier Series
Tae CHALKER Fun With Branch Cuts
Cameron COOPER Graphical Implementation of Linear Fractional Transformations
Wilbert GARCIA Cauchy-Riemann Equations
Phil HAACK Augustin-Louis Cauchy: An analysis of a complex man and his residues
Claudia INMAN Laurent Series
Sam LOPEZ The History of the Imaginary Number i
Katy MARTIN Fluid Flow
Lee MCPHERSON Cauchy's Integral Formula versus Cauchy Residue Formula
Esmeralda MUNOZ The Implications of z^z Being a Real Number
Corey PORTER Drawing pretty pictures with complex numbers
Dan REEVES Complex numbers; Real Results
Han SO The Origin of sqrt(-1)
Brad SPEER The Principle of Path Independence: a Theoretical Approach
Ben SUGERMAN Applications of mappings to electrostatics
Eric SUNDBERG Applying Cauchy's Theorem to a Real improper integral
Suzanne TONNIS Cauchy and the Cauchy-Riemann equations

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