Quotes from the Los Angeles Times (from the 70s through the 90s)

"...the last of a dying breed or the first of a new one...his improvisatory skills remain fascinating indeed, impressive as aesthetics, pedagogy and pure entertainment."
        John Rockwell, Los Angeles Times

"Outside the milieu of the avant-garde, only a precious few musicians improvise before their audiences. Grayson...is certainly one of the leading practitioners of the art."
        Terry McQuilkin, Los Angeles Times

"...the old art is alive and well in his skilled hands."
        Walter Arlen, Los Angeles Times

"Richard Grayson did wondrously and continuously imaginative things..."
        Martin Bernheimer, Los Angeles Times

"The art of improvisation is alive and well...Richard Grayson, pianist, took themes suggested by members of the audience everything from High Noon to Peter and the Wolf
and after three or four seconds of deliberation, transformed them into stylistically consistent, harmonically sophisticated works by, as it were, Bach, Gabrieli, Mozart and
        Karen Monson, Los Angeles Times

"Many years before the irreverent Mozart dazzled his lesser contemporary Salieri in the movie Amadeus, an almost as irreverent professor of music at Occidental College began a yearly ritual in which he dazzles his students with similar virtuosity."
        Douglas Smith, Los Angeles Times