Lesley Chiou

Associate Professor
Department of Economics
Occidental College

Phone: (323) 259-2875
Fax: (323) 259-2704
E-mail: lchiou at oxy dot edu
Web addresshttp://faculty.oxy.edu/lchiou

Office hours: Spring 2018
Monday 1:30-2:55
Tuesday 10:30-11:25
Thursday 11-11:25

Curriculum vitae (PDF)


My primary fields of interest are Industrial Organization and Applied Econometrics.

An underlying theme of my research agenda is understanding consumer behavior and its consequences for firms and policymakers. My research spans three main areas: information and technology, the retail sector, and arts and media markets. I apply a broad range of econometric methods, ranging from structural estimation to natural experiments.

Published and Forthcoming Papers

Trust, Reputation, and Bidding Behavior in Online Mystery Auctions
with Jennifer Pate, Applied Economics Letters, Vol. 25, pp.702-706, 2018.

Vertical Integration and Antitrust in Search Markets
Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, Vol. 33, pp.653-685, 2017.

Content Aggregation by Platforms: The Case of the News Media
(Earlier versions of this paper were circulated under the titles "Copyright, Digitization, and Aggregation" and "News and Online Aggregators.")
with Catherine Tucker, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Vol. 26, pp. 782-805, 2017. 

Consumer Response to Tax Changes
with Erich Muehlegger, National Tax Journal, Vol. 67, pp. 621-650, 2014. (Online Model Appendix)

Paywalls and the Demand for Online News
with Catherine Tucker, Information Economics and Policy, Vol. 25, pp. 61-69, 2013. 

How Does the Use of Trademarks by Third-Party Sellers Affect Online Search?
with Catherine Tucker, Marketing Science, Vol. 31, pp. 819-837, 2012.

The Effect of Ticket Resale Laws on Consumption and Production in Performing Arts Markets
with Melissa Boyle, Eastern Economic Journal, Vol. 38, pp. 210-222, 2012.

The Reality of Reality Television: Does Reality TV Influence Local Crime Rates?
with Mary Lopez, Economics Letters, Vol. 108, pp. 330-333, 2010

Internet Auctions and Frictionless Commerce: Evidence from the Retail Gift Card Market
with Jennifer Pate, Review of Industrial Organization, Vol. 36, 2010.

Empirical Analysis of Competition between Wal-Mart and Other Retail Channels
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Vol. 18, 2009. (Lead article)

Broadway Productions and the Value of a Tony Award
with Melissa Boyle, Journal of Cultural Economics, Vol. 33, 2009. 

Crossing the Line: Direct Estimation of Cross-Border Cigarette Sales and the Effect on Tax Revenues
with Erich Muehlegger, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy (Contributions), Vol. 8, Article 48, 2008. 

The Timing of Movie Releases: Evidence from the Home Video Industry
International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol. 26, 2008. (Winner of journal's Paul Geroski Best Paper Award) 

Identification and Estimation of Mixed Logit Models under Simulation Methods
with Joan L. Walker, Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 141, 2007. Reprinted in Choice Modeling: Foundational Contributions, edited by David A. Hensher and John M. Rose, 2011.

Papers under Review

How Does Pharmaceutical Advertising Affect Consumer Search?
with Catherine Tucker, Management Science, revise and resubmit.


I teach five courses during the two-semester academic year, and my courses span all levels of the curriculum.