Occidental College Library Sixteenth Century Books
The college has a collection of  early printed books. One of the most famous press was the Estienne press. The image on the title page indicates the press, as does the name below Henri Estienne "Henricum Stephenus."  The 
year of publication is in Roman numerals 
MDLXXIIII, in arabic numerals the year 1574. Let's find the book in the Oxy catalogue above by clicking the hypertext above or below. It appears as number 4 under Sixteenth Century Books:: 

Author: Apollonius, Rohdius 
Title: Apolloniou tou Rodiou Argnoautikon Biblia IIII 
Pub. Info.: Paris: Excudebat H. Stephanus, 1574. 


Let's look at a closeup of the image. One sees the tree of knowledge with twigs falling in the milieu of the scholar. Yet the saying "Altum sapere noli" is ambiguous on the subject of seeking knowledge. This is an ironic motto for a press that dispersed knowledge wide and far.