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The Occidental College Paleomagnetism Laboratory

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Construction of the magnetostatically-shielded room began on October 14 2003 and was complete 6 weeks later. The room, which was constructed by Gary Scott and his crew from Lodestar Magnetics, has two layers of high-permeability steel separated by a 1-foot airgap. The walls have been magnetized so that the earth's field (almost 60,000 nanoteslas outside the room) is reduced to a few hundred nT inside the room. The inner dimensions of the room are 12' by 9' x 7', with a raised floor that puts the access bore of the cryogenic magnetometer at a comfortable working height.

The 2G cryogenic magnetometer was delivered and installed in the room on February 19, 2004.

Both the shielded room and magnetometer were acquired with funds provided by the National Science Foundation.

You can find some PC software I have written here

Click on the links below to see some photos of the lab.

Pictures from the cold head swap of April 2010.

Half way through room construction.

Entrance to the shielded room.

Opening day.

Bill Goree and Gary Scott ready to bring the magnetometer up the stairs.

The Joe Kirschvink Automatic Sample Handler Tray.

Sample handler mechanism on top of shielded room.

Thermal demagnetizers.

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