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scott bogue's courses 29 jan 2005
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105. PHYSICAL GEOLOGY. a team-taught introduction to geology with emphasis on the physical processes that shape the environment on Earth's surface. The course will cover the fundamentals of plate tectonics, rocks and minerals, geological time, surface processes, and Earth's interior. Special attention will be paid to geologic hazards (such as volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, and landslides), the history and future of global climate change, and the human impact on the environment. Observations made on a field trip to the San Gabriel Mountains or coastal Orange County will provide the basis for a problem-solving exercise in subsequent labs. Includes one 1.5-hour laboratory per week plus an all-day field trip.

235. GLOBAL GEOPHYSICS AND TECTONICS. An introduction to plate tectonics and the geology of plate boundaries. Topics include techniques for describing plate motions, earthquakes and seismology, reversals of the earth's magnetic field, the nature of the seafloor, and the geology of mountain belts. Includes one 2.5-hour laboratory per week. Prerequisite: Geology 105 or 106 or permission of the instructor.

245. EARTH'S ATMOSPHERE AND OCEANS. An introduction to the geological record of climate change. Topics include: properties and layering of the atmosphere; the ocean floor; physical and chemical properties of seawater; circulations of the atmosphere and oceans. Includes one 2.5-hour laboratory per week. Prerequisite: Geology 105 or 106 or permission of instructor.

325. STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY AND ADVANCED MAPPING. Study of the deformation of rocks and the structures produced. Rock mechanics are introduced and the nature and origin of folds, faults, and other structures are discussed. Mapping and interpretation of areas displaying complex geological relations illustrate structural principles. Seven days of field work allow students to unravel the complicated geological history of an area. Data gathered in the field are analyzed and presented in a substantial report at the end of the semester. Includes one 2.5-hour laboratory per week. Prerequisite: Geology 225.

355. PALEOMAGNETISM. Introduction to the magnetism of rocks, with special emphasis on laboratory techniques and applications. Strongly recommended for students considering research projects with Professors Bogue or Prothero. Includes one 2.5-hour laboratory per week. Prerequisite: Geology 105 or 106. Given in alternate years.

392. PHYSICS OF THE EARTH. Study of the earth's gravitational and magnetic fields. Special emphasis on the mathematics needed for all advanced geophysics: vector calculus, potential theory, and spherical harmonic analysis. Prerequisites: Physics 110 and 120, and Math 212 or 224 (may be taken concurrently).

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