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scott bogue's handy software page 16 June 2006
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Here are some handy programs (for PC with Windows) I have written over the years that have been useful in my reasearch. They are all stand-alone .exe files (no installation needed). If you want the source code, just let me know.

ScotPlot: Lean and mean equal-area ("stereonet") plotting program. Create, load, and save data in loosely-structured text files. Error circles on data or on Fisher mean. Plot image can be saved as a BMP bitmap or printed directly. Originally written in Turbo Pascal; windowized with Delphi. *Updated 11/10/10* Screenshot


Vectors: Collection of utilities for vectors, finite rotations, and paleomagnetism. Vectors: add, subtract, cross, dot, rotate about horizontal axis, coordintate transformation. Finite rotations: add, perform. Paleomagnetism: VGP from direction, direction from VGP. Originally written in Turbo Pascal; windowized with Delphi.


SunAzm: Convert sun compass reading from Pomeroy orienting tool to strike and dip of core top (USGS Y and Z). Translated from Fortran to Turbo Pascal to Delphi.


Cithead: Create Caltech-style "sam" and data files for the Oxy magnetometers.


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