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scott bogue's kites 27 september 2014
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Click here to grab a short, illustrated introdction to North American fighter kites and the line touch game.

Click here to visit Fighter Kite Central, a web resource for those interested in fighter kites, both North American and traditional.

Click here to get a plan for a small (19.75" x 14.5") Borelli-like glider kite that is fun fly when there is no wind

Click here to read what happened in the 2010 Fighter Kite Line Touch World Cup competition at Long Beach, Washington.

Click here to see a plan and description of a North American style fighter kite I designed.

Click here to grab a small excel file that is handy when designing fighter kites. One thing it can do is predict within a mm or so how long the kite's bow will be, given the width and height of its span.

Click here grab a blow-by-blow description of how to build a fighter kite, or at least how I do it.

Click here to see a description of how to make a carbon fiber bow that is stiffest in the middle and softer toward the tips (like a tapered bamboo bow).

Click here to get the most recent version of NAFKA line touch rules (from the 2011 World Cup held during WSIKF in Long Beach, WA)

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These are some kites I have built over the years. The spines are either bamboo or rectagular carbon fiber stock. The bows are carbon fiber rod. The sails on them are 0.5 oz. ripstop polyester ("icarex"), atactic polyethylene ("mylar"), or orcon.




pixel-kite (6K) holo-coho-105 (6K) happy dragon (6K) argyle (6K) annas-1 (6K) ddog (6K) dpup (6K) gale (6K) orcon kites

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