Hist. 226  Spring 2015   Weeks 9 & 10

WEEK 9) Lisa Jardine, Worldly Goods, Preface, Prologue, ch. 1.


 M. March 16) Meet in Special Collections for hands-on workshop with early books and maps.


 W March 18)  Student discussion of Brotten Trading Territories: Mapping the Early Modern World (on reserve) ch. 5 on Mercator and Ortelius.  

Discuss ch. 5 and experience in rare book room.

Reports on Book II of Thomas More’s Utopia.

 F March 20) Lecture: “Elizabeth Eisenstein, Printing Press as an Agent of Change” 




WEEK 10) Lisa Jardine, Worldly Goods ch. 2. Start Campanella, City of the Sun.


M. March 23 Argue your view of Bacon, New Atlantis, from your reading of text and in argument with other scholars' views.  Relations of science and arts in considering Vermeer.   


W March 25. Film Girl  with Pearl Earring Film is a social history bringing to life Vermeer painting in a small town of the Low Countries (geographic term for area now Belgium and Netherlands) Many of the images come from his paintings. Others you've met from the Low Countries are Erasmus, Brueghel, and Ortelius. Issue is close observation including magnification and intimacy.

      F March 27  Film Girl  with Pearl Earring  (100 minutes in all. Return it to library where it remains on reserve)