Hist. 226 Spring 2015   Weeks 7 & 8

Week 7)  Start reading Bacon, New Atlantis in Famous Utopias NDHI on-line at oasys, articles on "Idea of Progress" and on "Experiment"-see section on Bacon.   Brotton, Trading Territories: Mapping the Early Modern World, ch 5 (on reserve) (Mercator and Ortelius )


M. March 2 Introduction to Francis Bacon: Scientific Revolution and Utopianism.   How to use Syntopicon of Great Books set and specialized encyclopedias. Sign up for l article on Bacon to report on Friday. Lecture “Role of Imagination in Montaigne and Bacon”


**W March 4 Exam  Review Winks & Wandel, chs. 1-6 and maps and chronology, Brotton chs. 1, section assigned in 2, and 4.  2 contrasting films, Primary source Readings & handouts, Class Presentations, Discussions Use our Fowler 110 computers on Exam.  Review notes from lecture, films, and discussion. Short essay questions. Identify and give significance.



      F March 6  Start discussion of interpretations of Bacon. Discuss interpretatons of Bacon's utopia in Bronwen Price, ed., Francis Bacon's NEW ATLANTIS: New Interdisciplinary Essays or other ones you have found.  (assigned from reserve)   


Week 8)  Spring Break  P Read and analyze Francis Bacon, New Atlantis (in Famous Utopias, you will be considering: To what extent are Montaigne's "On Cannibals" and Bacon's New Atlantis based on travelogues?  or are they mainly works of fiction stimulated by their age of encounters? Fine to use critical editions or secondary sources.  Prepare your section for reporting in Book II of More’s Utopia.