Hist. 226  Spring 2015   Weeks 5 & 6

Material evidence: MAPS (of real and imaginary places and peoples) & CASE STUDIES IN DIPLOMACY


WEEK 5) Europe in a Wider World, ch. 5 “The Age of Reformation  for topic:  Wars between Protestants and Catholics: new religious map of Europe and the globe.  

Brotton, Mapping, ch. 4 on diplomacy on Spice Islands.  Respond  over long weekend to  Crossroads.oxy.edu exercise on “Telling Tales” before Wed.


M Feb 16 Holiday


W Feb. 18  Student paragraphs due on student papers. In a paragraph, indicate thesis and evidence to support thesis.  Consider whether paper refutes any other alternative viewpoints.  Discussion of first encounters with Asia .  Lecture on “Telling Tales in Abraham Ortelius  handout of bibliography and of translations especially on map of paganism in Russia and among Tartars.


F Feb. 20  Lecture and discussion on “Brotten Trading Territories: Mapping the Early Modern World (on reserve),  ch. 4, on diplomacy on Spice Islands   Lecture on “Ortelius’s first 3 historical map for 1579 edition” (see antiquarian maps under Ortelius at Horowitz website:        http://faculty.oxy.edu/horowitz/Ortelius/v1/ortelius.html   )


WEEK 6) Wider World, ch. 6 “The Great Powers in Conflict” and review Chronology, maps, see suggestions for further reading especially sources.


M Feb. 23  The tensions between the West and the Ottoman Turks: from conquest of Constantinople to the battle of Lepanto


W Feb.25.  Introduction to Thomas More’s Utopia


F. Feb. 27  Review for exam Bring in a sample 2 paragraphs on your choice--relate 1 very specific item to a general movement or to another item (use document analysis form above). Feedback on how to improve for the exam on question you designed. Format for typing at college PCs: 25 minute essay (films, Erasmus, Las Casas, Montaigne) and 5 IDs (pick 1 out of 2) mainly on Wider World, aspects emphasized in lecture and in Mapping, ch. 1  intro, color maps, assignment in ch. 3, ch. 4.