Hist. 226  Spring 2015   Weeks 3 & 4

WEEK 3)  Wider World, ch. 3 “The Renaissance” focusing on “a money economy”  “Science and religion: and “art of daily living” and  Las Casas 116, 206-207  See before Feb. 2 The Other Conquest on Cortes and Aztecs, an encounter of a friar and an indigenous scribe (reserve)  Brotton, Trading Territories, Mapping the Early Modern World, ch. 1 Introduction (bookstore or reserve).


M. Feb. 2 Discussion of The Other Conquest   Discuss Las Casas's views of Spaniards/Europeans/Christians   ArtSTOR images of Machu Picchu (indicates Inca architecture not discovered/destroyed by Europeans as discovered in early 20th century) (Use Oxy email and password to look again at ArtSTOR).


W Feb. 4 Lecture “Las Casas vs. Sepulveda:  Debate on Humanity”     Bring Brotton or notes on ch. 1

At beginning of class pass in 2 copies of thesis statement and bibliography divided into primary and secondary sources for paper 1.

For writing on Montaigne, you may want to use Cotton edition on-line:  https://www.gutenberg.org/files/3600/3600-h/3600-h.htm

One always cites Montaigne by Book, chapter, as well as page in chosen edition.  “On Cannibals is Bk I, ch. 30; “On Cruelty” is Bk. II, ch. 11; “Of Coaches” is Bk III, ch. 6.


F Feb 6  America, un Mundo Nuevo  (47 minutes Spanish with English subtitles)  Compare viewpoint of this "educational" video with The Other Conquest.



WEEK 4)  Wider World, ch. 4 “Exploration and Expansion” (chapter to master in detail) Brotton, Mapping, ch. 2 Portuguese cartography and early explorations,  ch. 3 pp. 87-98 only and summary pp. 113-114(we are omitting 98-114) Bring Brotton Mapping the Early Modern World  for student analysis. Going beyond Ptolemy:  Adding Illustrations, Adding Modern Discoveries.  Read xeroxed primary sources ahead of Prof. Day’s lecture; bring your marked up copy on Friday.

 Recommended: “Seed,  Ceremonies of Possession (reserve) on alternative national paths to dispossessing indigenous peoples


M Feb. 9 Lecture on  Seed, Ceremonies of Possession on alternative paths for dispossessing indigenous peoples (see reserve section), as in Pope Alexander VI's dividing the globe between Portugal and Spain


W Feb 11  Workshop.  Bring a paper draft to share with another student for comments.   Trade between Acapulco in New Spain and Manila in Spanish East Indies (Philippines today)


F Feb. 13  Paper 1 due in 2 copies at beginning of class. Prof. Sasha Day, “Chinese Responses to Jesuits in China”