Hist. 226  Spring 2015   Weeks 13 & 14

Week 13)    Worldly Goods, chs. 6-7. “   Brook, “Vermeer’s Hat” on reserve under diplomacy

Mon. April 13 Oral Presentations of papers       Discuss “Vermeer’s Hat” and Worldly Goods, ch. 6

Wed. April 15  Paper 2 Due in 2 copies.  Oral Presentations of papers.   Discuss Worldy Goods, ch. 7.

Fri. April 17  Student typed written analysis of a student paper due. Cite specific pages in Famous Utopias (parenthetical page references fine) to contribute to arguing the student’s thesis and/or suggesting a counter-argument.  At least 1 typed page to email to horowitz@oxy.edu by 3 p.m.

  Week 14)     Worldly Goods, chs. 8 and Epilogue.  Mon. April 20  Review for Exam 2.  Bring Famous Utopias, Jardine especially; also Brotton, and Europe in a Wider World. Bring class notes from discussion and lecture.  Bring in 2 examples of paragraphs for your recommended. I.D. questions.  Discuss overall thesis of Lisa Jardine in Worldly Goods.   Review arguments you have read or heard concerning use of maps as historical evidence of early modern encounters and transformation of world views. Consider Vermeer’s artistic encounter (colors, machinery, light, room & model, etc.), his patron’s encounter, and the servant girl’s encounter as portrayed in film Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Wed. April 22. Exam 2.  Focus is since the hour exam.  Overall thesis of Worldly Goods, as well as specific chapters. Brotton, chs.  5 “Mercator and Ortelius”, 6 Conclusion. New Atlantis, City of the Sun, lectures  and discussions (including More), Vermeer film and Brook article, Ortelius, Speed, some student paper topics .

On French in  Canada, review Europe in a Wider World, p. 116 on Cartier and Champlain and pp. 119-120.

Fri. April 24  The Black Robe (on French in Canada, variations in indigenous tribes, parallels of Catholicism and indigenous rituals)

Last  ½ Week)  A short utopia you’ll enjoy discussing Wed. in Famous Utopias, Rabelais on community of  Thélème.   Review “Suggestions for Further Reading” for Ch. 4 in Europe in a Wider World (pp. 231-235)

Mon. April 27 The Black Robe and discussion

Wed. April 29 Bring Europe in a Wider World and Famous Utopias. Discuss Rabelais—in what way is his utopia similar or dissimilar to a coed college community (which did not exist in Renaissance)? Discuss meaning of “historiography”—how each generation re-writes history, some generations more dramatically than others. From personal experience, think about what causes the re-writing.

Spring 2016, offering Hist. 121, Hist 224, and Hist. 300. Reachable via email during fall sabbatical for example for reference letters say for Oxy abroad or another opportunity.