Hist. 226  Spring 2015   Weeks 11 & 12

WEEK 11) Lisa Jardine, Worldly Goods, ch 3. Complete Campanella, City of the Sun.  Omit Brotton, Mapping, ch. 2.   Have a 2nd paper plan to discuss Wed. April 1.


 M March 30 Bring Jardine to discuss.  Comments on Girl with a Pearl Earring.


W April 1  Bring text for discussion of Campanella, especially of teaching through visuals.


  F April 3   Cancel this assignment: Bring 2 early modern maps of same geographical area (fine from Brooten or another book or projected on-line, or from ArtSTOR). Analyze differences between the two maps' interpretations. 


WEEK 12) Lisa Jardine, Worldly Goods, chs. 4-5. View Speed website on Horowitz website. Brotton, Mapping, Conclusion.


M April 6  "Visual Order to Organizing Collections” in New Dictionary of the History of Ideas: images of Urbino portraits and fake inlaid wood cabinets, Isabelle d'Este's inlaid cabinets which did store her antiquities, Caesar Travelling  humanist Library,  Circular Paduan Renaissance botanical garden influencing 19th century national libraries,  Phillip II's library with subject personifications above wall bookcases, modern ancient Greek-style temples (libraries and museums), tower of books (Montaigne) in new Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris.


W April 8 Pass in thesis statement and bibliography for paper 2.  Lecture on “Triumphal Procession of John Speed’s Maps and Bodleian Library Frieze.”


F April 10   Proposals returned; student comments on another student’s proposal. Very compatible set of analyses of utopian texts. Student presentations on Worldly Goods and Brotton. “Speed & Procession planned for James I’s Coronation of 1603”  Dutch artists in period of Vermeer in The Baroque in Netherlands ## (For reference to images, see Janson's on reserve ch.  20).