Prof. Maryanne Horowitz
Age of Encounters
History 226, Spring 2015


History 226 - The Age of Encounters

As the early modern network of trade shifted from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean, the Portuguese, the Spanish, the French, the Dutch, and the English competed for trade and for colonization of peoples newly encountered. We shall evaluate Renaissance arts and letters, traveler reports and images of peoples of South America, and Protestant Christianity and the Catholic Counter-Reformation with subsequent competition among missionaries and European states for converts around the globe. We shall discuss amusing short satires by the most famous Northern humanist and humorist Erasmus, protests on cruelty of Las Casas, and Campanella’s educational utopia City of the Sun and empirical scientist Bacon's scientific utopia New Atlantis within the genre of utopian travel literature. Students may petition for 300-level credit for this class with the completion of additional work arranged with the instructor.

Special Event Sun. Jan. 25: 3 hours in Getty Center. One hour tour of Renaissance objects and 2 hours free to explore.  Sign up for 9 am-2:30 p.m. bus ride Sun Jan 25. Meet at fountain by 8:50 a.m. (please pre-order dining hall lunch to bring to eat on way back to campus).

Prof. Maryanne Horowitz
Class Meets: MWF 1:55-2:50 p.m., Fowler 110
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To gain familiarity with major events, people, and movements in the history of early modern times

To learn basic methods of historical investigation, particularly analysis of textual and visual sources.

To develop skills in historical argument, writing, and oral presentation.

Students who would like to write a research paper might sign up for this course as Hist. 397.  Hist 226 has two short papers based mainly on in-class readings.


Books in Bookstore:  (Some on reserve also)

·         Robin Winks And Lee Wandel,  Europe in a Wider World    Oxford pb.  (abbreviation below: Wider World)

·         Lisa Jardine, Worldly Goods: A New History of the Renaissance (on reserve)

·         Frederic White, ed. Famous Utopias of the Renaissance, ed. F. White (KessingerBinding pb.)

·         Jerry Brotton, Trading Territories (Cornell UP)  (abbreviation Mapping)    (on reserve)


 Films to be seen and analyzed: 

·         The Other Conquest   in comparison to  America, a New World;

·         Girl with a Pearl Earring;

·         The Black Robe


Go directly to Moodle for Reserve List. One can economize by using some class books through reserve. On-line, download free, and in library stacks: best-sellers of early modern times such as

 Desiderius Erasmus, The Praise of Folly; Erasmus, Colloquies   (short handout first day); Montaigne, Essays; Machiavelli, The Prince ( 

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Schedule (to be updated on-line to adapt to student interests) Click below on the appropriate week

Weeks 1 & 2  Wed. Jan 21-Fri. Jan. 30


Weeks 3 & 4  Mon. Feb. 2-Fri. Feb.13         

Paper 1 due Fri. Feb. 13

Weeks 5 & 6 Wed. Feb. 18-Fri. Feb. 27              

Exam 1 Wed March 4

Weeks 7 & 8 Mon. March 2-Fri. March 6;

8th week is Spring Vacation

Weeks 9 & 10  Mon March 16-Fri. March 27

Weeks 11 & 12 Mon. March 30-Fri. April 10


Weeks 13 & 14 1/2    Mon April 13- Wed. April 29

Paper 2 due Wed. April 15

Exam 2, Wed. April 22




No Final   (2 classroom short essay exams on PCs )          

Office hours in Swan Hall 314--balcony faces fountain.  8:00-9:20 a.m. Mon.  and Fri & by appointment. Hist 226, spring 2015.  Phone  x2583