Some Donor Memorials. (to supplement Duncan ch. 4).  Students might send more citations for this list. A research paper might attempt to acknowledge the many individuals beyond the donor involved in the collecting, organizing, exhibiting, maintaining,  restoring and adding to a so-called “Donor Memorial.”



Wallace Collection at Hertford House, London (Donor: Sir Richard Wallace inherited from father the fourth Marquess of Hertford)


Sir John Soane

Sir John Soane’s Museum, London:

Dulwich Picture Gallery, South London:


Villa i Tatti, Florence, Italy. Donor: Bernard Berenson


Pictures of Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, Mass.;_ylt=AkQGKZ16.I55BMe_7GntJjV5FmoL


J. P. Morgan Library, N.Y.C. to reopen spring 2006.


Frick Collection, N.Y.C.—browse the art works  Donor: Henry Clay Frick$7039*337427


Lehman Wing of Metropolitan Art Museum, N.Y.C.(Robert Leyman)


Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena (browse collections) Website biography says: “Norton Simon’s marriage to actress Jennifer Jones in 1971 marked the turning point in the shaping of his collections. With the exception of a few Greek and Egyptian objects, his acquisitions until then were decidedly European. That summer, during the couple’s honeymoon trip to India, Mr. Simon began to explore Indian art. This led to his first purchase of Indian art, a Mughal ivory chess set and, more importantly, to an admiration for South Asian art, which occupied a large part of his collecting interest for the remainder of his life.”


Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Gardens  (Henry E. Huntington and Arabella Huntington)


J. Paul Getty Villa reopening in Malibu  (browse collections)


Hearst Castle, Sam Simeon, CA (Not in Duncan, ch. 4)   See film about William Randolph Hearst: Citizen Kane