Weeks 5 & 6 in CSP 67 2015

Week 5) By end of this week, each student should have been to an ***office hour meeting at least once to talk about research paper topic possibilities. Office hour 8-9:20 M, F.  Wed. substitutes on occasion. as on W.  Feb. 18


Read Fiero, ch. 18, pp. 81-86.  Read and take notes on Brotton, ch. 4 “Brave New Worlds”

Mon. Feb. 16 Holiday


Wed. Feb. 18 In-Class Timed Writing Exercise for all CSPs


***Fri. Feb. 20 Pass in Paper Topic, possibly Thesis Statement, and Preliminary Bibliography divided in Primary and Secondary Sources Due. Secondary Sources should include some articles.  Use tools learned Feb. 11, especially databases Iter Gateway and J-Stor (under Library, Data Bases A-Z) and subject categories in Link + searches. Until April 13, include call numbers in your bibliography mentioning library Oxy, Link+ or ILL. 

Discuss Brotton.

Week 6) Read Fiero ch. 19  Protest and Reform: Sixteenth Century         

Mon. . Feb. 23  Oral assignments in ch. 18 and 19 (by student request ahead_.

 Wed. Feb 25  Bring Fiero--discussion of Hieronymous Bosch (19.7) and of Montaigne's "On Cannibals" (19.5) 

***Fri. Feb. 27 Pass in Thesis sentences or even better, a paragraph Abstract on comparison and contrast on 2 individuals for research paper.

Bring to class your organized Notebook or Folder  for studying for in-class writing.  Include a section of notes for research paper, and papers with their markings and student comments. Your marked papers should have your own improvements written in by hand.

In-class writing on Fiero, ch. 19—open book, as well as on Brotton ch. 4 (notes may be there)