Weeks 3 & 4 in CSP 67 2015

Week 3) Fiero, complete ch. 16 with texts of Petrarch, Alberti, Ficino, Pico, Castiglione, Marinella, Machiavelli.   Brotton,  ch. 2, “The humanist script”  (in reading notes cite page so that you can endnote information in a paper)     In planning paper due Friday, look for secondary sources who provide a different interpretation than Gloria Fiero or instructor or student , starting with Renaissance People or specific author, “article” in Encyclopedia of the Renaissance, Burckhardt as interpreted by Prof. Horowitz, Brotton.  (Go to circulation desk and ask for any physical item on my Moodle Reserves; all those items are right there behind the desk.)

 ***M  Feb. 2 Student workshop on thesis construction and on useful reading notes. Pass in 2 typed copies of your proposed narrow thesis sentence for a 2-page paper(with claim limited to 2-3 texts of Ch. 16 or any accompanying images you plan to analyze). Show reading notes on Brotton (on laptop or printed).    

W. Feb. 4  Paper-writing workshop. Bring Fiero and  laptop with draft of your paper and endnotes due Friday. Laptops may be borrowed from Circulation Desk of Academic Commons.  Fine to bring appropriate secondary sources or electronic links.

F. Feb 6 Paper Due.  Analysis of 2 or 3 texts in Fiero, ch. 16. 2 typed pages plus Univ. of Chicago endnotes. Agree or disagree with secondary sources.  In first note, thank students who have contributed in their proofreading of your paper in progress.  If a student makes a substantial editorial suggestion to which your paper responded, endnote the student and date. 

Week 4    Read and take notes on Brotton, ch. 3 “Church and state”                                

M Feb 9 http://www.oxy.edu/core-program/csp-lecture-series

Go directly to Thorne Hall, to hear lecture by Kathryn Sikkink.


***W Feb 11 Go directly to Brown Lab, Library.   Pass in eval. of student paper according to form passed out Feb. 6. First Written Assignment for Progress to Research Paper.

 Meet in Brown Lab, Library, for tips on researching. Ryan Brubacher, Senior Arts and Humanities Specialist, will lead the workshop.  

Pass in Comparison of 2 people who made a contribution to the same field or walk of life or lived in same time period/same region (from reserve readings Renaissance People, Renaissance Lives, Encyclopedia of the Renaissance, etc. At least 1 should be not well known. ) Indicate aspects of their lives on which you would like to find out more. 1 typed page plus Univ. of Chicago endnotes.   Workshop with librarian http://www.oxy.edu/library/research Record (or copy and paste) search tools and articles and books for your bibliography, save in a Word Document. At end of period email the document to yourself and to horowitz@oxy.edu (CSP Staff meeting 12:50 p.m.)


F Feb 13   In-class writing(choice of 15 minute short essay). Review powerpoint and notes on  Burckhardt, Fiero, ch. 16,  Brotton Intro., chs. 1,  2. Choice between 1)  essay with focus on variety of genres of writing in the Renaissance:  letter (Petrarch),  sonnet (Petrarch), courtly conversation (Castiglione), philosophical oration (Pico)  

2) lecture Feb. 6 which included innovation of perspective; read ahead to see examples in Fiero pp. 53-59, especially Massaccio.  (Image set from Janson’s ch. 15 reserve)