CSP Weeks 13 & 14 in CSP  Fiero, pp. 140-147 Shakespeare and pp. 110-112 Cortés

Mon. April 20 Discussion of excerpts of Shakespeare pp. 140-147.    Discussion of Hamlet.

Wed. April 22. Discussion of Othello.    Students to pass in commentary on l student paper emailed to student author earlier. Return of papers passed in April 13.

Fri April 24 Bring to class your organized Notebook or Folder.   In-class writing on Brotton, ch. 6 and Fiero, ch. 19.   Discussion of Cortés’ letters from Mexico.

Week 14 Fiero, in ch. 18, pp. 104-114 on Spanish in Americas.

***Mon. April 27.  Pass in a new hard copy of your stapled, paginated paper with Univ. of Chicago  endnotes, annotated divided bibliography, appendix with figures (or in paper)and figure List , outline with subordination of lesser points  (add abstract if you wish to submit for undergraduate conference submission). Include via paper clip (or folder) your stapled returned paper with professorial markings; put a check on the right side wherever you have made improvements on your .doc file. Prof. Horowitz hopes to bring to check plus the categories Univ. of Chicago endnotes, annotated divided bibliography,  appendix with figures (or in paper) and figure List,and Outline with subordination of lesser points. 

If you have made significant improvements of the text  itself based on student suggestions (cite student in endnote), professorial comments, extrapolation of copyedited corrections to other similar places needing correcting, rethinking involving some reorganization of outline and text, write on top of new edition of paper TEXT WORTHY OF A REREADING.  In those rare cases, on your new hard copy of paper, put pencilled asterixes at significant changes. 

Last chance to show organized notebook (recorded Fri. April 24 ).

Organizing of group presentations.

Wed. April 29 Last class. Hope to pass back most papers.  3 student group presentations: culture of Maya, culture of Aztecs, and European attitudes.