Weeks 1 & 2 in CSP 67 2015

Week 1Fiero,  ch. 15 1300-1400 Fourteenth Century     (This Sun. trip to Getty Center)                    

Wed. Jan. 21 Introduction. Theme of Burckhardtian Individualism.  (CSP staff meeting 12:50 p.m.)  Sign up for Sun. trip.

  Powerpoint Burckhardt   Lecture over several days.    The traditional period concept of the Renaissance.     Jacob Burckhardt, The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy, is on google books (Part II emphasizes his major theme:  Individualism.) In week 9, we’ll discuss controversies about Renaissance individualism.

Fri. Jan 23  Bring Fiero to class. Be prepared to speak on your analysis of text and images either on The Black Death (pp. 4-7 , Document 15.1) or on attitudes toward women (Reading 15.2, 15.3). Download and use Horowitz Form for Document and Image Analysis 

Sun Jan 25 Class trip to Getty Center. OK to bring own snacks. Pre-ordered box lunch for bus ride back.  Meet at fountain at 8:55 am for  9:00 a.m. departure.  Look for me at Getty parking lot entrance to go up tram together.  Meet at top of tram 1 p.m. to go down tram to bus together.

Week 2) As we had a trip Sunday, this week complete Fiero reading of ch. 15 (omit 15.4 Chaucer; there’ll be no writing assigned on music sections in Fiero) and ch. 16 to Ficino, p. 28,  by Wed (includes documents 16.1 and 16.2 by Petrarch).  Visit on own on 3rd floor of Academic Commons facing windows on quad Reference book section and Loeb Classical Library (all of Greek & Latin ancient texts in English) (on-line texts at http://classics.mit.edu/) Later in term we will visit Special Collections to examine early printed books. By Friday, read and take notes on main points of Jerry Brotton, The Renaissance (electronic reserve)  Introduction and ch. 1. (Fine to print or order pb. from Oxford UP)  Brotton’s 21st-century interpretation of the Renaissance rivals Burckhardt’s 19th-century interpretation.  Oral presentations are intended as 3 minutes on art object or 5 minutes on Brotton (either prepared together or l student speaking and the other adding other points)

M. Jan. 26 Bring Fiero for discussion of Renaissance art-making. Any student assigned an art object for Wed. is welcome to present today; any other student is welcome to present on an art object listed from ch. 15 for possible writing on Friday Jan. 30. Lecture continues on Burckhardt. The second part of six on “INDIVIDUALISM” sets the theme for this course.

W Jan. 28  Bring Fiero. First Written Assignment due:  At beginning of class pass in two typed copies of analysis of 1 or 2 texts in Fiero, ch. 15. 1 typed page plus Univ. of Chicago endnotes.  Click on Requirements (You may print it now.)   In class sign up for readings of short biographies for general public in one chapter in Renaissance Lives or 4 people in Renaissance People. (planning ahead for Wed. Feb. 11 writing assignment in Requirements)

Individual Oral assignments for W. Jan 28 Read and take notes on electronic book Brotton, Jerry, The Renaissance, Introduction [Marlaina, Kade]) and ch. 1 “A Global Renaissance” (Isaac, Eliza) Reader Fiero, ch. 16 to Ficino: The Platonic Academy. Browse in images in Fiero, especially Renaissance sculptures and report on expression of individuality of expression of artist and individuality of figure portrayed 15.11 [Thomas], Lorenzo 16.3 [Lilian], 16.8 [Alexander] 17.1 [Qin], 17.2 [Alton], 17.3 [Sam], 17.4 [Lihanxue], 17.32 [Rachel], 17.33 [Jessica]

Fri. Jan. 30, In-class writing (15 minutes) with choice between 2 “ Identify and give significance” questions  and choice between 2 “Identify and show significant relationships between 1 item and another item” questions on documents or images in Fleming ch. 15: limited to documents 15.1-3 and images 15.1, 15.4, 15.5, 15.6, 15.7, 15.8.

Have Fiero in class.    Any oral presentations not yet given; introduction to Fiero, chapter 16.