COURSE OBJECTIVES:   To develop skills in historical argument, use of evidence, writing, and oral presentation.

                                       To gain knowledge of individuals who lived during the Renaissance.

                                       To analyze the meaning of “individualism” in the Renaissance and in your life today.

                                       To develop skills in critical thinking and in collaboration

GRADE    20% each:  

·          Class participation including helpful comments for other students' writing. Notebook or Folder with all your class notes, reading notes, research paper assignments, returned marked assignments (2 dates to bring Notebook or Folder to Fri. writing class:   Fri. Feb 27, Fri. April 24)

·          In-class writing on course content. (On Fridays only when there is a Friday class at end of 2-week assignment-Jan 30, Feb. 13, Feb. 27, March 27, April 10, April 24. 5 required: lowest or l absence omitted from grade)  

·          7 pp. polished writing before Spring Vacation (overall assessed by CSP rubric)

·          Progress toward research paper by timely preparatory assignments, helpful comments on other students’ drafts, at least l visit to office hours by week 5 & oral presentation of finished paper. Items have asterix*.

·          Final research paper (10 pp. text plus about 3 pp. endnotes and annotated bibliography divided into Primary Sources and Secondary Sources). 2 images, Appendix with Figure List, Sentence Outline & optionally any documents not in page count.  Mon April 13.


PAPER Assignments: None are accepted via email; medical note expected for lateness on assignments.

Due Dates in Bold in biweekly schedules. Typed pages Times Roman, 12 Point, Double Space,  due at beginning of class; pass in 2 copies of printed pages (l for another student to read).  Note carefully on schedule the due dates of written work. Timeliness is important for class writing workshops on due dates.

Approximately 7 polished typed pages before Spring Vacation:  (main basis for holistic writing proficiency score March 6)

Analysis of 1 or 2 texts in Fiero, ch. 15. 1 typed page plus Univ. of Chicago endnotes.  Wed. Jan 28 

Analysis of 2 or 3 texts in Fiero ch. 16. Come with 2 typed pages plus Univ. of Chicago endnotes on a laptop and edit during class on Wed. Feb. 4  Laptops may be borrowed at circulation desk of Academic Commons.  Pass in Fri. Feb. 6.

***Comparison of 2 people who made a contribution to the same field or walk of life in Renaissance People (from anywhere in the book, possible topic for research paper). Indicate aspects of their lives on which you would like to find out more. 2 typed pages plus Univ. of Chicago endnotes. Include articles from Grendler, Encyclopedia of the Renaissance (reserve hardback) or other books (several on reserve)   Wed. Feb. 11

Critical Analysis of a well researched paper on 2 Renaissance individuals. Pick one of the chapters on reserve from Jane Slaughter and Melissa K. Bokovoy, Sharing the Stage: Biography and Gender in Western Civilization.   Argue some with their interpretation or provide additional support as you make some points of your own based on the primary sources they provided or others you find.   Choice of  Galileo and his daughter Sister Maria Celeste, Alberti and either Laura Cereta or Isotta Nogorola, Ferdinand and Isabella, or Luther and Katharina von Bora.  Write 2 typed pages plus endnotes.  Mon March 2


Progress toward research paper:   See *** on dates due on syllabus.  Feb. 11, office hour meeting during first 5 weeks, Feb. 20, Feb. 27, March 4, March 18, March 30, oral presentations, Mon April 13 (FINAL RESEARCH PAPER DUE DATE), Mon. April 27

Following items will be evaluated Check +, Check, or Check-. Goal is Check + by end of course.

On-going Creation of a Bibliography divided into Primary Sources and Secondary Sources for writing on 2 Renaissance individuals. Use Univ. of Chicago style for Bibliography. You are welcome to annotate items which you have read so far. Final bibliography will have some annotations. Please keep on the Bibliography until draft before final submission the library and call number information, for example Oxy, Link+, and ILL.

University of Chicago endnoting in all class papers.

Thesis/abstract creation; sentence outline of topical sentences of research paper.

Comparison and analysis of 2 images appropriate for research paper in 1 typed page. Include image with its caption and a Figure list.

RESEARCH PAPER PROMPT. Pick 2 Renaissance individuals who have something in common for a comparative analysis of an aspect of their lives and accomplishments in historical contexts; early on check that there are sufficient primary sources in English available for you to analyze directly. Consider the historical controversy on “Renaissance individualism” as you evaluate their contributions. Write a 10-page research paper with about 3-5 pp. of Univ. of Chicago Endnotes and Bibliography of Primary Sources and Secondary Sources with some annotations. Your primary sources may be images or texts from the Renaissance period; texts may be a full book or excerpts in anthologies. Your secondary sources may include endnoted books, endnoted journal articles, and encyclopedia articles. Goal is books more scholarly (more fully endnoted) than Renaissance People which aims for general public readership and only lists at back page references for quotations. In your historical analysis, cite some primary sources for each life and consider a variety of historical or biographical interpretations of their lives and accomplishments (secondary sources in books or articles which are endnoted. Let your freedom to pick the 2 individuals for a comparative study give you an original approach.

In addition, continue your page numbering into an Appendix. Include there your Figure List and your 2 images with your captions if they were not in placed within text (space not counted in 10 pp. of text). The Figure List gives a precise citation for each included image. Model in Fiero, pp. 149-150, but add book or website from which you xeroxed or printed your copy. Also include optionally any documents to prevent you from quoting at length; your endnote might say “See Appendix, document 4.”   At the close of your Appendix, include the final sentence outline of your paper (composed of topical sentences of your paragraphs).

Some of your bibliography annotations should mention the viewpoint of the author on the issue which is the focus of your paper. For this concise paper, you should quote sparingly if at all.  No quote should be more than 5-10 words. Use University of Chicago format for endnotes and bibliography (as in Hacker, 7th ed., “CMS,” pp. 510-537).

Final Paper will have unnumbered Cover page containing Title of Paper, Your name, Course and Date. Then paper will be numbered consecutively: Text; Endnotes; Bibliography: Primary Sources, Secondary Sources; Appendix: Figure List, Images or Documents, Required Sentence Outline.


Schedule Writing Due Dates and Grading are fixed and won’t change.  Use on-line syllabus and Moodle for most up-to-date information on adjusting oral assignments and classwork.

Do reading by Mon. of the week for individual oral presentations on individuals of Renaissance and analysis of texts and images in Fiero. Read to discuss:  you might find it helpful bring some notes of comments you hope to make and questions that arouse your curiosity. Students' specific oral responsibilities will be indicated in class and usually on syllabus by first name.

Writing due dates bolded. Written assignments are due at beginning of class--PRINTED in 2 copies to be passed in. As a student workshop will often comment on papers on due date, lateness will lower class participation grade.

Computers are encouraged in classroom for reference to e-book or for taking notes or for writing workshops, but for no other activities such as messaging, emailing, or browsing.

Required for All CSPs: In-Class Timed Writing Exercise Wed. Feb. 18.    March 6 Faculty pass in scoring on spring rubric. For the semester, at least 15-20 pages of “finished writing” (excludes drafts) including final 10-12 page research essay.

College Policies:

College Policy on Disabilities: Students with documented disabilities who are registered with Disability Services are required to present their accommodation letter to the instructor at the beginning of each semester or as soon as possible thereafter. Any student who experiences significant physical or mental impairments may contact Disability Services at (323) 259-2969 to learn about available services and support.  More information is available at

Academic Honesty: Current policy at  This class helps prevent plagiarism by teaching you how to endnote either quoted or summarized material in Univ. of Chicago format. It is appropriate to bring an early draft of your paper to faculty office hours to discuss whether you are properly putting reading into your own words and putting quotation marks when borrowing phrases, and whether you are endnoting both your summaries and your quotations.

CTE in Academic Commons.  The Center for Academic Excellence provides peer writing tutoring and sessions with the college’s faculty writing specialists, and various other resources for students interested in developing their academic and study skills.  Show this Requirement page to your tutor.