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Renaissance Individuals
Cultural Studies Program, Spring 2015





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Special Event Sun. Jan. 25: 3 hours in Getty Center. One hour tour of Renaissance objects and 2 hours free to explore.  Sign up for 9 am-2:30 p.m. bus ride Sun Jan 25. Meet at fountain by 8:50 a.m. (please pre-order dining hall lunch to bring to eat on way back to campus).

Instructor  Prof. Maryanne Horowitz              

Swan 314, Office Hours: 8:00-9:20 a.m. Mon. & Fri. and by appointment. Please let me know if you're outside the office even if I'm talking with someone.
323-259-2583  For messages, best to leave message on email.
Horowitz Homepage Use updated syllabus on-line: From homepage, go to courses, then CSP 67. Moodle links to this website.

CSP 67 - Renaissance Individuals meets  MWF 11:45 a.m. -12:40 p.m in Johnson 203  4 credits.

Course Description:
Experience the European Renaissance of the 14th through 17th centuries-- revival, artistic and scientific innovation, religious reform, and global exploration. Consider the relationship of contemporary "individuality" to the characteristics of men and women of early modern times. Films will highlight the multi-varied individual, like the courtesan and poet Veronica Franco, as well as the confrontation between artist Michelangelo and military pope Julius II. A source reader will provide practice in analyzing texts, as well as objects of material culture, in an age of encounters between cultures. For a research-based essay utilizing evidence from the times, each student will focus on two individuals in a field of the student's interest such as politics/diplomacy; court life; sexuality/gender; crafts and the arts; reformation in religion; scientific experiment and enlightenment; mapping the globe; or travel and encounter. Learning collaboratively, students examine the lives of a diversity of men and women and the controversies their lives provoked. Open only to first year frosh.


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  STUDENTS' oral assignments chosen in class & then listed by first name on syllabus for next 2 weeks


Campus mail to Horowitz mailbox, 
Hist. Dept., S. Swan 



 BOOKS in Bookstore.  Gloria Fiero, Humanistic tradition Book 3. European Renaissance and Reformation and Global Encounter featuring Readings (primary source texts) and images for you to analyze. 6th edition (2011) 5 chapters      Mark up your Fiero with your comments. This is “a reader”—textbook providing primary source evidence for student critical analysis.  There will no assignments on the music sections.

Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers, A Writer’s Reference, 7th edition, continuing from fall (Use Univ. of Chicago section for endnoting and bibliography)

Books and articles on reserve divided between Electronic and Book:  See CSP 67 on Moodle.  Brotton, Jerry,The Renaissance (electronic on reserve, is the textbook; students may order pb. if prefer.)

Other books and articles to be checked out from Circulation Desk such as Robert C. Davis and Beth Lindsmith, Renaissance People (1 copy on reserve) 7 chronological chapters of almost 100 condensed biographies on lives and controversies they provoked among scholars. Scan or xerox pages for reports or paper. Check Paul Grendler, Encyclopedia of the Renaissance (6 vols on reserve, index in vol. 6) to learn more and get further references.  Together students will share the evidence upon which scholars re-interpret the past to meet concerns of our present world.

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Please do reading by Mon. of the week for individual oral presentations on individuals of Renaissance and analysis of texts and images in Fleming. Read to discuss:  you might find it helpful bring some notes of comments you hope to make and questions that arouse your curiosity. Bring readings of that week; computers welcome in class for electronic readings and student notes. Writing due dates bolded.

Week (Students' specific oral responsibilities will be indicated in class and by first name on syllabus. Download and use .docx file Horowitz Form for Document and Image Analysis.  Written assignments are due at beginning of class--PRINTED in 2 copies to be passed in. As student workshops will examine papers on due date, lateness will lower class participation grade.


Weeks 1 & 2       Wed. Jan 21-Fri. Jan. 30

Weeks 3 & 4        Mon. Feb. 2-Fri. Feb. 13          Mon.. Feb. 9 Thorne Hall

Weeks 5 & 6        Wed. Feb. 18-Fri. Feb. 27

Weeks 7 & 8        Mon. March 2-Fri. March 6; 8th week is Spring Vacation

Weeks 9 & 10       Mon March 23-Fri. April 3                                    Mon. March 23 Thorne Hall

Weeks 11 & 12      Mon. April 6-Fri. April 17

Weeks 13 &14 1/2        Mon April 20- Wed. April 29   No Final         Fri. April  17 Thorne Hall     Mon. April 13 Research Paper Due.

Office hours in Swan Hall 314--balcony faces fountain.  8:00-9:20 a.m. Mon.  and Fri & by appointment. CSP 67, spring 2015.  Phone  x2583

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Schedule -click on weeks below